So what does make a good cycling vacation? Sometimes when we are planning our journey we are focused on the travel arrangements, accommodation, bicycle gear and packing.

Packing is always a hot topic prior to the trip. After the trip you tend to talk about the experiences and that always includes the people. What makes a good bicycle touring trip great, it’s the people.

There are 4 types of people you can expect to impact your cycling vacation.

Cycling friends – some go bike touring alone while others go with friends or on a guided bicycle trip. The experiences you have with these people does make a difference. I have friends still talking about some of the European trips dating from 2003, as it was a highlight for them. On the guided cycling tours I have taken there were cyclists from different countries in Europe and North America which made talking to them about their experiences always interesting.

Other cyclists you meet – you can expect to meet other cyclists along the way and swipe information about the routes, weather, bicycle gear, accommodation and restaurants. I have always found these like minded people a delight to talk with. Sometimes they provide ideas for future trips. If you are along a popular bike route you are sure to meet them and in Europe we often stay at the same hotels.

Road angels – other cyclists who guide you when you are lost, pick you up when your bicycle has been damaged, provide cover in a rain storm.

Local people – at festivals, at your accommodation, or providing directions on where the bike route really goes. I know there are expedition type solo riders but what they talk about is the other cyclists and local people whom they meet along the way. Yes, when all is said and done the people you cycle with or meet along the way are what makes the trip great.

I always take cycling vacations with a small group of cycling friends so make sure they have the same riding ability, are compatible and share the same vision about the trip, particularly when it comes to accommodation, sightseeing and budget. You also require the right gear so click here to check out the various panniers.

Of course the destination also has some impact on a great cycling vacation but in the end your experiences with the other people on the trip is what makes the difference.

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