Displayed below are some of the major brands of touring bicycle panniers including Aixom, Delta, Inertia, Jandd, Lone Peak, Ortlieb and and others.


What to look for when purchasing touring bicycle panniers.

  • Protection against the elements – some bicycle panniers are waterproof, others are water resistant. An option with many is to purchase pannier covers.
  • Volume – how large are the panniers. Are they made for commuting or bicycle touring? You will want a large compartment with several small pockets for smaller items.
  • Durability – fabrics and materials used in the construction
  • Weight – how heavy are the panniers themselves, remember you will have to carry the panniers. Like much German made cycling gear the Ortlieb brand pannier is a little heavier, however it is sturdy and very waterproof.
  • Mounting – some bicycle panniers you just hook over the racks. Other panniers have a clip that actually snaps on to the rack. In either case you do not want your panniers falling off the bicycle
  • Style and colour – this is a personal choice. Some cyclists like bright colours for visibility and others a darker colour or black so the mud from the road does not show. Most bicycle panniers do have a reflective strip on them in either case.
  • Handles – when you need to carry the pannier into a hotel, on a plane or train or while sightseeing etc. Some panniers come with handles.
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