The Sunlite Mesh Bottom Bicycle Lift Off Basket makes grocery shopping easy with the removable basket.

Sunlite Mesh Bottom Bicycle Lift Off Basket

What is good about this bicycle basket

Solid construction – made with sturdy powder coated steel construction it can easily carry any grocery or shopping item. You just mount the basket on you bike handlebars.

Convenient size – sufficient to hold those grocery bags.

Removable basket – with a quick release bracket you can take the basket into the store with you and quickly mount it on your bicycle for the return ride home, how convenient.

Mesh bottom – means that smaller items will not fall through and you will not lose them. Yet because it is mesh if it happens to rain the water will not collect.

Easy installation – you can be up and riding in minutes.


Sunlite Mesh Bottom Bicycle Lift Off Basket Features

  • Powder coated steel construction
  • Removable quick release bracket
  • Mesh bottom
  • Handlebar mount
  • Black color
  • Size is 13 1/2″ x 9 7/8″ x 9.5″
  • Weighs 3.4 pounds

What users say about the Sunlite Bicycle Basket

Rating: ★★★★½

There were a lot of great reviews about this bike basket with most stating it is great, very sturdy and strong. Many felt it was so much sturdier than any other bike basket.

Reviewers liked the size which holds a paper sized grocery bag perfectly. One person said, “the size is good and not unwieldy. I can fit my purse and, if need be, work laptop in the basket.”

Reviewers also mentioned they loved the bracket for this basket which drops onto the handle bars and leans against the handle bar stem. When riding around without this unit or when heading into the store simply lift the basket off.

Reviewers also felt the mesh bottom works well at keeping things from falling through. They know that their phone or wallet or whatever small item that gets tossed in will stay put.

Also reviewers remarked that it installs very easily in under 60 seconds quite literally and that the basket goes on/off quickly and securely.

The only real issue reported by reviewers is the “locking” mechanism is less than adequate. If riding with the basket empty and going over a bump the handles can fly up which allowed the basket to disengage and fall off. 

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