The Nashbar Waterproof Front Panniers provide additional storage space when riding at a very affordable price.

Nashbar Waterproof Front Panniers


What is good about these front panniers

Nashbar Waterproof Front PanniersWaterproof – whether you are riding to work or cycling long distance you want your things to stay dry and this set of bike panniers delivers.

Convenient size  – offers lots of room for front panniers. Most cyclists combine with a set of the Nashbar rear panniers.

Lightweight – when cycling with front panniers it changes the way your bike handles so you will appreciate how lightweight this bike bags are.

Nashbar Waterproof Front Panniers Features

  • Nashbar Waterproof Front PannierCapacity of 1056 cubic inches for the pair
  • Weight approx. 2lbs. 6oz. (1093 g)
  • Distance between top mounting hooks is 5 1/4″ (nv 1/28/10)
  • Dimensions of 16 x 12 x 5”
  • Sold as a Pair


What customers say about the Nashbar Waterproof Front Panniers

Rating: ★★★½☆

There were only a few reviews on Amazon but plenty on the manufacturers site. Most reviewers comment on how affordable these and the rear panniers are compared to other brands and find them excellent value.

Many reviewers remarked that they are indeed waterproof as stated in the description and felt they provided sufficient storage capacity.

One reviewer who has been using them panniers for a while had this to say, “I had these packs for 10 yrs and biked toured all over the US. Replaced many small parts that broke over the years but the pack is as good as you can find for the money. I finally started getting a tear in one after 6000 miles. If you can handle small problems on the road this is the pack for you. If not, buy a pack that is twice as expensive.”

Another reviewer also has found them very durable saying “I’ve used these commuting (40 miles/day) for three years (in the wet PNW), and for a 5000-mile cross-country. They’re still going strong. They don’t match the top-of-the line waterproof panniers in features or care-free usage, but they’re perfectly functional.”

While there were no major issues with these bicycle bags a few reviewers reported minor wear and tear type problems and questioned how durable they were. However the majority of riders loved these panniers.

The Nashbar Waterproof Front Panniers are a fanastic value for the price while providing plenty of storage.


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