The M-Wave Double Day Tripper Bicycle Pannier lets you go shopping or commuting to work with plenty of capacity to carry your things and easily carry your bags when you arrive.

M-Wave Double Day Tripper Bicycle Pannier


What is good about these bike panniers

Set of panniers – there are two large main compartments that each measure 12 x 10 x 7 inches. There is a lightweight plastic framework so the bags keep their shape while you are riding. A good size grocery bag can fit in each saddlebag or 2 gallons of milk on each side.

M Wave Double Day Tripper BicycleEasy mounting – when you arrive at your destination just use the quick release and the handles at the top to conveniently carry your panniers. There are adjustable straps for attaching the panniers to your bike rack.

Safety – reflective strips so motorists can see you if riding at night.

Quality construction – made from durable 600 Denier Tearproof polyester fabric with a light plastic frame to keep the panniers shape while you are riding.

M-Wave Double Day Tripper Bicycle Pannier Features

  • M Wave Double Day Tripper Bicycle PannierSet of 2 large main saddlebags
  • Quick release
  • Reflective tape on the sides
  • Handle at top between bags to easily carry the bags when not riding.
  • Made from 600 denier tearproof fabric


What customers say about these saddlebags

Rating: ★★★★☆

There were plenty of positive reviews about these panniers. Numerous cyclists comments on how spacious they are and can carry a week’s worth of groceries for some while others place their laptops inside. Apparently you can also fit a standard size 12 pack in each bag as well.

Several people mentioned about how they look good on their bicycles. And reviewers love the top center handles to carry the bags.

The only negative points that some cyclist had it they need to fiddle a bit at first to get it to fit depending on their bike rack. Some had to trim a bit off the width of the rigid plastic inserts (4) that come with it and other play around with the straps which are adjustable.

However once the bags are installed the clips secure the bag well with many reviewers reporting these panniers last a long time holding up great.

One reviewer remarked don’t try to over-stuff them, however, and they should function very well. If you need basic saddlebags for shopping or commuting the M-Wave Double Day Tripper Bicycle Pannier give you the capacity you need at a economical price.



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